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In light of recent changes and a decline in reimbursement rates for audiology services by commercial insurance carriers, our clinic and its provider have been compelled to make the challenging decision to discontinue in-network participation with most commercial insurance and Medicaid programs.

For procedures that are not covered by your insurance or for which we are not considered in-network, we kindly request that payment be submitted in full at the time of service. In the event that your insurance plan is not listed among those we currently accept, we will still extend the courtesy of filing a claim with your insurance provider on your behalf, with any reimbursements received promptly refunded to you. However, it is essential to emphasize that for non-participating insurance companies, all associated fees must be settled on the day of the service.

Understanding the details of your insurance coverage remains your personal responsibility, as your insurance policy represents a binding agreement between you and your insurance provider. To avoid any unforeseen financial obligations, we strongly recommend that you contact your insurance provider prior to seeking our services, ensuring that (1) the services in question are covered, and (2) we are recognized as an in-network healthcare provider. While we will assist you by billing your insurance once, you remain accountable for any expenses associated with non-covered services.

Medicare covers hearing tests as long as the following requirements are met:
  • A Referral
    An order for testing (can come from primary care, a specialist or another ordering Medicare practitioner)-Medical Necessity
  • Medical History
    We will decide based on your history of symptoms whether testing is “medically necessary” to maintain compliance with Medicare Policy. If there is not an apparent medical need for testing, you will be required to self-pay for the appointment.
  • Time Frame
    One hearing test per 12 months with established medical necessity
an audiologist is looking into older patient's ear
Coverage of Hearing Aids and Medicare:

Hearing aids and related services, such as a test to determine the need for hearing aids, or for the purpose of fitting hearing aids, are statutorily excluded from Medicare. If billed to Medicare, reimbursement will be denied. Please contact us with any questions.

Medicare advantage plans
  • United Healthcare Medicare Advantage
  • United Healthcare Community Plan
  • United Healthcare Dual-Complete
Workman’s Compensation Plans
  • Department of Labor
  • United Postal Workers Union
Third-Party Plans
  • United Healthcare Hearing (previously Epic)
  • Your Hearing Network
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