Custom hearing protection
Hearing Protection
What Do We Offer?


We offer over the counter hearing protection, such as passive non-custom earplugs for different activities such as recreational noise, music and sleeping. We also offer custom hearing protection where we take an impression of the ear and have a custom-made hearing protection device made. These can be either passive plugs or active/electronic hearing protection. And they are made for a variety of listening situations such as concerts, hunting and target shooting, sleeping, industrial work, or specialty headphones such as custom sleeves for earbuds and communication headsets for law enforcement and motorcycle use.

Unfortunately, disposable foam earplugs tend to be quite uncomfortable. To block sounds, they expand within the ear canal and the resulting pressure can deter you from keeping them in. What’s worse is their one-size fits all design may not be adequate in providing you with the protection you need.

If you are looking for optimal protection and the ideal fit, book an appointment with Dr. Rebekah Tripp.

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