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May Is Better Hearing Month

So, every month has a theme, right? May is no different! May is MY month! (But also watch out for October, because that is ALSO my month....Audiology Awareness!)

What's important about better hearing, you ask? In a word, everything!

Better hearing contributes to better overall outcomes for your other health needs.

Did you know that hearing loss is linked to many other chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, depression and dementia? And that’s just a few of the conditions associated with hearing loss. Hearing loss is also linked to a three fold increase in the risk of falls. Falls in the elderly population can be devastating for long-term health outcomes.

A recent study reported that the number one thing a person can do to help reduce the risk of developing dementia is to utilize hearing aids in mid-life (if they are needed). More studies are linking an increase in the rate of dementia with untreated hearing loss. Untreated hearing loss is essentially not using a hearing aid when it is needed. Hearing aids are only worn by about 30% of the population that could benefit from them.

Unfortunately, hearing aids have a stigma attached to them. Hearing aids, for whatever reason, make people feel old. They are worried about others seeing them and associating them with feebleness. But I want to make the argument that hearing aids contribute to the overall well-being of a person. People who wear hearing aids have a less chance of feeling withdrawn or self-imposed social isolation, which can lead to depression. Keeping the brain active through hearing aids can help reduce the risk of developing dementia.

Ask yourself this: Wouldn’t you rather be able to hear conversations and be able to participate without the worry of answering incorrectly, or laughing at an inappropriate time?

Hearing aids can help you achieve your communication goals, whether it’s to hear the symphony clearly again, to hear the birds in the trees, leaves crunching on the ground, or even if it is to hear the whispered sweet-nothings of your love.

Don’t wait until the hearing loss is causing so many problems that treatment is more difficult, more expensive or your outcomes are poorer. Start today on your journey toward better hearing.

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