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Have you noticed decreases in your hearing capacity as the years go by? Choice Audiology’s in-depth hearing tests will help you determine the potential cause or causes, and best course of action. Call today to book an appointment!

Comprehensive Audiological Evaluations

A comprehensive audiological evaluation entails several different types of tests. Each one contributes to creating a clear and global picture of any deficits in your hearing capacity.

The first, and probably most well-known test is the Pure Tone Test. During this assessment, we’ll project sounds at various tones, pitches and frequency, either through a set of headphones (air conduction) or through a device that rests on the bone behind your ear (bone conduction). You will then be asked to confirm which sounds you are able to hear, allowing us to narrow down the cause of your hearing loss.

A second set of commonly used tests include the Speech Reception Threshold and Speech Discrimination tests. These are used to determine the lowest volume at which you can recognize single and multi-syllabic words. Following this process, Dr. Tripp will be able determine if you are a candidate for hearing aids and if so, which aids would best meet your needs.

A speech-in-noise test is also completed for patients who report difficulty with speech understanding in the presence of background noise, which is a common complaint for individuals with hearing loss.

For more information, or to book a hearing evaluation, contact Choice Audiology today!

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What is Tympanometry?

Used to assess the condition of your middle ear and ear drum, a Tympanometry consists of measuring the movement of your ear drum in response to pressure changes. From this process, we can assess the health of the middle ear system.

This procedure will determine if you have…

  • fluid in your middle ear
  • Otitis Media (an infection of the middle ear)
  • a perforated eardrum
  • a clogged or otherwise damaged Eustachian tube (the system that drains fluid from your middle ear to the back of your throat)

From there, we can discuss our findings and advise you on the recommended next steps.


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Hearing Testing Loudon, TN

Acoustic Reflex Testing

As part of your comprehensive hearing evaluation, we will measure your acoustic reflexes, also located in the middle ear system. Used in conjunction with Tympanometry, Acoustic Reflex Testing looks at the noise response of two small muscles in your middle ear – the tensor tympani and stapedius muscle. This response can be vital in determining the severity of any hearing issues. It can also help us detect if you have suffered any nerve damage.

Both Tympanometry and Acoustic Reflex Testing offer a spectrum of insights that can help us with diagnostics and optimal treatment.

For more information, or to book your next hearing test, contact Choice Audiology at the number below.

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Hearing Testing Lenoir City, TN

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