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Hearing loss is a gradual process, during which time your brain rewires itself to compensate. Reversing these effects takes time, patience, and the right type of hearing aid. Dr. Rebekah Tripp and Choice Audiology will be with you every step of the way to make sure your treatment plan progresses as planned. Call now for more details!

Types of Hearing Aids

The right hearing aids will significantly improve your communication and understanding abilities. 

Everyone's performance and communication progress are going to be different.  Do not waste time comparing yourself to your friend with hearing aids.  

There are many factors that can impact the outcome of hearing aid use.  These include:

  • The type, degree and duration of untreated hearing loss
  • Your dedication to wearing your hearing aids during all waking hours
  • How well you follow your specific communication plan
  • How much hearing you have left to work with
  • How ready you are to pursue amplification without being influenced by outside factors
  • How well you maintain your overall health
  • How committed you are to staying open and honest with your frequent communication partners. For best results, you need to be comfortable sharing your needs with the people around you and they need to be willing to help you hear your best

At Choice Audiology, Dr. Tripp and her team can help you choose from our extensive selection of standard and custom hearing aids. We’ll help you determine your ideal style and shape according to factors like dexterity, vision impairment, cosmetics and patient preference. Our multitude of styles range from the standard Receiver In Canal (RIC) to the inconspicuous Invisible In Canal (IIC). We carry and work with the most popular brands available, such as as Phonak, Unitron, Oticon, ReSound, Signia, Widex and Starkey. Dr. Tripp will work with you to pick the best option based on your budget, lifestyle and degree of hearing loss. Call now to book an appointment!

Hearing Aids Loudon, TN

The brain cannot understand what it cannot hear

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Real Ear Verification

Real Ear Verification constitutes one of the most important steps in your hearing aid fitting process. If you have already been fitted for hearing aids, this process may already be familiar to you. Essentially, Real Ear Verification entails programming your hearing aid so that it matches your ear’s unique anatomy. Audiometric, ear canal acoustics, and the placement of hearing aid and head shadow effects are all considered. This allows for a precise customization of the hearing aid, ensuring that appropriate amplification and adequate sound are available to the patient.

If you’re wondering how the process works, let us explain. Dr. Tripp will use an otoscope to examine your ear and ensure there is no wax build-up or other debris that could interfere with the test. A tube will then be fed through the ear canal up to about a quarter inch of your ear drum. This tube will be connected to your new hearing aid. Next, Dr. Tripp will play some sounds from about a foot away from your head. The amount of real amplification supplied by the hearing aid will be measured, and adjustments will be made as required until we’ve devised a perfectly personalized hearing aid.

If you have any further questions, please contact Choice Audiology at the number below.

Ensuring the perfect personalized fit

Hearing Aids Lenoir City, TN

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