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Though extremely uncomfortable, impacted earwax tends to be easily remedied. Get relief from this common cause of temporary hearing loss and ear pain. Call Choice Audiology today!

What is Earwax Impaction?

Although an amount of earwax is normal and beneficial, too much will cause the ear canal to clog. This excessive buildup of wax is called earwax impaction.

Many factors contribute to impacted earwax, including age, a narrowed ear canal and various health conditions that range from eczema to lupus.

You can also increase your risk of earwax impaction if you use Q-tips to clean your ears. Instead of removing wax, Q-tips can contribute to the problem by overstimulating you ear and pushing any wax further up into your ear canal.

To break the cycle and prevent your risk of earwax buildup, we recommend that you schedule regular biannual ear cleaning. People with certain health problems may benefit from a slightly higher frequency.

If you suspect you have impacted earwax, or simply feel due for an ear cleaning appointment, contact Dr. Rebekah Tripp at Choice Audiology today!

Ear Cleaning & Wax Removal Loudon, TN

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How We Remove Impacted Earwax

Most people with earwax impaction are generally asymptomatic and likely have no sense of how much wax has accumulated.

That said, when there is an extremely high volume of impacted earwax, some sufferers may notice one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Hearing loss
  • Tinnitus
  • Dizziness
  • Itchy ears
  • Cough

Are you experiencing any of these issues? Before you consider an over-the-counter ear candling or ear vacuum kits, remember that the ear is a delicate organ whose care is best left to the professionals. The good news is, relief may be as simple as a thorough ear cleaning. Dr. Tripp and the team at Choice Audiology will offer a treatment plan based on your age, symptoms and general health. Contact us today!

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Ear Cleaning & Wax Removal Lenoir City, TN

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